the famous IMMBM 2


This meeting is open to all meteorite passionates and for the next admissions, please don't forget:

- To mention the mark obtained at the Colonial Diploma, including the names of the Jury members, year and place of contest.
- To bring your own meteorites to be cut, mentioning the type, weight and dimensions. A free lorry service between the nearest train station, in Les Praz de Chamonix and the Caillou Noir lab will be available as every year. Sponsored by Caillou Noir. Please give advise to Michel three days priori admission for meteorites over 10 metric tons.

No application form, just email one of us ( Fred or Michel ) you will be advised privately by email some months before when meeting is scheduled. Invitation will be sent to help visas for those of the us who need. Usually IMMBM is planned in Early Spring. Please do pencil NOW your 2006 calendar for next Spring.


The second Intergalactic Meteoritical Mont-Blanc Meeting (I.M.M.B.M.) just took place on May 9-10, 2005, and for this edition we were not less than TWO meteorite hunters to participate.
CAILLOU NOIR had the kindness to welcome us and we had the chance to have access to Michel's secret Laboratory... Hopefully for the Meteorite Community, some few pictures are disclosed right here!

Michel & Fred
Fred with chondritic ears
Michel at work!

We can say without lying that most of the meteorites around were trying to hide and escape the cutting blades. But once they landed on the Earth, they can't fly anymore!
We managed to catch some nice ones, that are not so easy to cut... Like a bloody hard Ureilite and a terribly soft CM2. After each of them got fitted onto Michel propriatary sample holder, they were not so proud anymore, knowing that they were facing professional hunters who had found them, but also fearing professional cutters... And they were right!

Here are some few pictures of the secret CAILLOU NOIR Laboratory. We are not allowed today to disclose everything but at least you have the chance to have access to one of the most secret places in the World after the Pentagone and Fort Knox maybe... Enjoy the visit, and also some pictures of some extra-terrestrial material that could not runaway from the cutting blades...

One of the saws...
Acfer331 (CM2) being cut
Acfer360 (URE) spending 4 hours to get cut
Acfer360 & Michel ready for recovery,
Note the Nesquick™ yellow slice receiver and the black cooling liquid-proof Swatch™.

Mystery object..

Widmanspattern or rare square cross-bared olivine chondrule?.

Acfer360: slice recovery

NEW 2005: The "Guess what it is Object Contest" Sponsored by Meteoriteshow

One of those above pictures shows a so called "Mystery object"...
Can you find out what it is? The first person to send the right answer either to or to will win a chondrite slice or fragment!!!
The contest ends on June 18, 2005. Due to the originality and very specialized field of knowledge requested to answer the question anyone is allowed one single question to any of the second IMMBM attendants. The answers will be given during the 2005 Ensisheim Show, on Sunday June 19.

After cutting, the slices and endcuts are placed in a hoven for drying at 50°C:

Don't forget to apply to the next I.M.M.B.M. You will enjoy the good mood of CAILLOU NOIR Laboratory and the extremely performent home altered equipments! See you next year!